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Auto Accidents

An auto accident can not only disrupt a person’s life, but it can alter the lives of that person’s family as well. It can be the source of bodily injury, medical bills, loss of transportation, loss of one’s job, even the loss of one’s life itself. Although I wish it were possible, I cannot stop these things from happening, but I can make sure you are fairly compensated for them. Your car should be fixed professionally and completely or if a total loss, you should be compensated fairly for the value of your vehicle, as well as any towing or rental charges you may have incurred.

If you are injured in an auto accident, regardless of the extent of the damage to your car, you need to be seen by a medical professional and pursue whatever treatment you feel necessary, without the unwanted intervention of an insurance adjuster. Your doctor’s reports are the surest measure of the nature and extent of your injury.

Every auto accident case is unique, having its own special combination of circumstances, car damage, injuries and medical bills. There is no formula to determine what any auto accident claim is worth before each of these factors are reviewed and presented to the insurance company.

Each auto accident victim requires personal service and that is what I offer my clients.

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